General Curriculum
•We follow Michigan State curriculum with a great emphasis on reading and writing as well as scientific processes of research in all the subjects.

•Problem solving and application is also major part of day to day learning.

•In Social Studies, beside the curriculum, students learn about the Muslim countries and Islamic History.

•Every year, we have author’s chair in English and Arabic to encourage students in reading, writing and application of what they learn in the core subjects as well as in Islamic Education.

Islamic Studies

Our Goal is to Instill the Correct Understanding of Tawheed. The students start learning Tawheed at the age of 4 and continue as they get older.

The Islamic Studies curriculum includes memorizing Hadith in Arabic.
The English meaning of the Hadith follows the memorization of the text.


•Islamic Studies

Arabic Language

First Grade:

Huruf-al-madd, Ism-al-Isharaa, anaa, anta, haza, haazehi, and numbers 1-50

Second Grade:

Rearrange the letters to make a word, rearrange the words to make the sentence, different kinds of sentences, verb, noun, and Harf

Third Grade:

All the above plus mazi mudare’, faae’l, and some coherent sentences.

4/5 Grades:

All the above plus mafoo’l beh, sifa, aeraab, Jumla ismia, mubtada, kahabr, coherent sentences,

6/7/8 Grades:

Aeraab-al-Jazam, al fe’l Muzre’Zarf zaman and makaan, Composition oral and written