Financial Aid

The school has a limited financial aid program started as a Sponsorship Program. The Tawheed Center School Sponsorship Program has been established to assist families who have demonstrated genuine financial need to meet the financial obligations of a private school education.

Sponsorships are awarded to the extent that funds donated for this purpose are available, with priority being given to those families who actively participate in and contribute to the activities of the school, and have not defaulted on any previous financial aid award.

Conditions Of Eligibility
•Financial Need: Filling out and returning the school’s financial aid application each year. Financial need and eligibility must be demonstrated by your most recent Income Tax Return & W-2 Form.

•Tuition Payments: You must agree to pay all other school fees in a timely manner in accordance with the Enrollment Contract.
Academic Progress. You must insure that your children maintain good grades during the period of this award. Any grade below a “C” or “S” is considered unacceptable.

•Behavior & Discipline: You must insure that your children maintain good behavior and Islamic conduct at all times. Disciplinary referrals, detentions or suspensions will be considered automatic grounds for cancellation of this award.

•School Service: As a condition of accepting this financial aid award, parents or their designated adult representative are required to provide a number of hours of service to the school during the period of this award.

Financial Aid Application-2019-20